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Yeast in the tank :-0

Hey Folks,  Sorry if this has been discussed before, I've checked the 
archives with no success.
       The Kid(s) knocked over the bottle of sugar water and yeast and about 
1qt of the mixture was sucked into the tank by the ongoing pressure of the 
CO2 fermentation process.  Tank turned cloudy white, which I assume is the 
yeast or bacterial bloom.  Fish don't seem too stressed by it.  I replaced 50 
then 75 then 90 percent of the water but continue with cloudiness.  My plan 
is to continue to rinse the system in this way until I can flush it all out.  
I know this is not great for the fish but . . . Any suggestions?

                                Thanks in advance 
                                                Miles  Easthampton, Ma

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