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Re: Barley Straw and other hee haw


That certainly is a good review of previous studies.  I am not arguing any of 
them.  I was really just addressing the one or so studies that did seem 
positive and then wondered if that success (true or not) would apply to an 
aquarium.  That's about it.  I thought your last response (previous to this 
one) was also informative.  I for one don't feel qualified to argue with 
anything you  have said or experienced first hand.

Let me outline some facts as you have outlined and I will conclude:

1. More studies done on this subject have shown little to no benefit to algae 
control than those that did.

2. Despite this fact, marketing of barley straw products, particularly in the 
pond industry, has become common and has many proponents.  (would like to 
hear form some actual pond hobbysists opinions who have used this.  It would 
be interesting to find how many say it is bunk)...my next task at hand

3. Many other methods and practices can be used to actually control algae 
that are much more successful.

4. To continue testing and retesting the subject, at least at this point, is 
really folly based on the work done thus far.

5.  Learn good aquarium basics and you will go farther than trying to cheat.  

Well, how can you argue with that?  As an aside, it has helped me modify the 
direction I will take with the article and I appreciate Tom's thoughts.  If 
anyone has any other thoughts or opinion...I would be happy to read them