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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #21

James said 'Poor Stephan Mifsud is feeling undersized: ....
Hahahahahah! ....'

Hey buddy, its just my pond-puddle, my house and my whole
country  that are undersized. I'm not! Well, anyway, at
least that's what my wife says ; )

I never suggested using invasive aquatics in a rural pond.
Like you, I'm quite sure that native plants suitable for a
garden pond can be found in the vicinity. This applies to
most countries, even here.

I treat my 6 foot pond like an aquarium. even suppliment it
with CO2 in summer. Its just the light that's not
artificial. I'm quite sure that the whole thing would make a
lovely indoor display given artificial lighting. Looking
down on plants, fish and frogs is quite different from the
normal tank side views. Flowers and seeds are also easily

At the moment my favorite aquatic planted container is my
SIX INCH x 12 inch roof micro-pond! Simulating a local
freshwater temporary pool, this container has a carpet of
(Glosso like) Elatine gussonei, interspersed with mini
cactus like Crassula vaillantii, Starwort-Callitriche and
'mini val like'-Zannichellia palustris. Green and orange
shrimps, seed shrimps and Daphnia enliven the micro-habitat.
The pond dries every summer only to come to life with the
autaumn (fall) rain. My neighbours must think I'm crazy.
"Hey Joe, that guy next door is always looking into that
stagnant puddle of his...probably trying to read his future
or something!". But I assure you the puddle is probably more
interesting than my future; I don't think I'll come to life
with the autaumn rains.



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