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Re: Eutrophication and mulm (was Allelopathic chemicals)

> From: " Thomas  Barr"
> I think the main thing here is the cause for BGA in the first place,
> eutrophication, most often human induced. Pollute the water, shift diatoms
> BGA in the water column.
> Shrimps are great, adding fresh mulm from another tank works super.
Keeping up
> on water changes, having a balanced fish load etc.
> I think the main issue for newer tanks not yet stabilizied is the
substrate is
> not matured with bacteria, plant roots etc.

Doesn't mulm with all of it's bacteria contribute to eutrophication?
If you want to have much mulm you would have to have really
good aearation of the top substrate for the bacteria to work
really well and thus competing with algae?
I have recently added a spraybar at substrate level to spray
aerated(?) water from the canister filter across the top of the
Is this a good idea?
Because another thing I've thought about is how canisters
aerate the water.
They contains a serious amount of oxygen demanding
bacteria so the water from the pump should actually be
oxygen depleted? Is the surface-disturbance the only way
a canister filter aerate the water column?

// Daniel,