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Re: Breeding cardinal tetras -- or - Cardinal rules and rues

Mike Wickham said, in part:

> Moral of the story... don't start your tank with
> cardinals... their 
> sensitive after shipping and cannot be used to establish
> a tank, even 
> if  you use a product like cycle.
> Chris.

Well, I've read that reason and a dozen other reasons why
death after purchase is so common with cardinals --
including old age of wild-caught fish, multiple transfers,
temperature changes, pH changes, etc.  None of them are
mutually exclusive, at least not from a logical point of
view.  Could be all, some or none are the reason.  At least
we know that your best bet is to buy apparently healthy
fish that have survived a day or more after the transfer to
the lfs tank and pamper them from store, through the
transfer to the new tank, and thereafter for a week or two.
 Within a few weeks you'll know if you have survivors.

James, Roger, this is an example of one of those cases you
spoke of where we need more science!  :-\

Scott H.

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