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Trace elements

I am considering purchasing chelated trace element mix (Fe 7%, B 1.3%, Mn 
2%, Zn 0.4%, Cu 0.1%, Mo 0.06%) in bulk. I can get it for about $40/kg. I 
thought I would see if anyone would be interested in sharing this with me. 
If I divide it up into 100 gm. portions, it would cost about $4 U.S., plus 
my cost to pack (double zip lock bags in a bubble envelope?) and ship. I 
bought 100 gm. a couple of years ago, and just ran out.

In order to get the bulk price, I have to buy 2 kg. which will yield twenty 
100 gm portions, of which I would like to keep two. Any one interested, 
please reply off list. Will do if I get enough takers.

Is it just me, or does it sound like I'm peddling drugs here?

Douglas Guynn
dguynn at nwol_net

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