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Re: Dave: on Trickle Filters and Co2 loss.....

>Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 10:52:25 EST
>From: Dgrim62 at cs_com
>Subject: Re: Trickle filters and CO2 loss

>This discussion comes up a couple times a year, as anyone who has been
on >the list for a while knows. 
>If memory serves, the inevitable conclusion to most of them is: "CO2 is

>cheap, don't worry about it."

Gee Dave, don't know whether to thank you or not for that one.

For one, Co2 is not cheap where I am - I pay $40aus for a refill.
Aquarium products in general may be cheap in the US (I assume you are
from US), however I can assure you - other places in the world pay quite
large amounts for most of what you take for granted as dispensible.
Anyway - the hassle of having to disconnect the cylinder and have the
tank without co2 for a day - better to minimize the frequency of that
happening. I would not be asking the question in the first place if I
was not in *need* of a constructive answer, or ideally a foolproof
'solution' to it (if such a solution existed).

Secondly, excuse me for asking the question - I am sure it is not hard
to scan over the posts you are not interested in and move on to the ones
you are interested in, rather than reply in an unconstructive way.
Besides, isn't that what the APD is about - new members, old members,
professionals and amateurs alike to 'discuss' and learn together. If the
same topic comes up again then so be it - ignore it and move on if you
are not interested.