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Re: I think I learned a lesson.... (long)

Billinet wrote:
<<I was one of those who criticized those people who
didn't pay or didn't deliver as they had promised. 
And I stand behind what I said.>>

And I agree with you.  Which is why I'm so appalled to
find myself one of the guilty parties.

<<Obviously, you didn't have to write that letter>>

Oh yes, I did!  I have to live with myself. *grin*

<<your most gracious letter shows that you are not one
of the "cheaters">>

Sadly, I *am* one of the "cheaters", but not
intentionally. [another feeble grin] Thank you for
your generosity, nonetheless.  I'm hoping that your
kind of generosity will allow me to eventually earn my
way back into the trust of this group.  Give me a
couple of years to get my life back in order. ;)

<<ALS is a terrible disease.  It has no cure.>>

ALS is horrible, indeed.  My MIL has a rare form
called Motor Neuron Disease With Frontal Lobe
Dementia.  It is dreadful to watch and much worse to
live.  Every day is a new unpleasant experience. 
Prayers for ALS victims are always needed.

<<I know a young father who has had ALS for four

How awful! That has to be the worst situation. I hope
his progression is slow so that he has more time with
his kids.

<<Then some good will have come from this.>>

Another good has come from this: I have learned a
lesson about what I should (or should not) be trying
to undertake at this point in my life.  And another
about keeping better records and not depending on my
formerly reliable memory.

<<And you don't have to crawl under a rock, either.>>

Thank you.  I got a private email from another
listmember which has helped me crawl out from under my
rock, make what amends I can, and move on.  This is a
wonderfully kind and generous group.


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