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Rookie Fert Question

I'm still trying to get my 3 gallon balanced. I've got wisteria, java moss,
vals, anubias and some recently introduced glosso for plants. Six cardinal
tetras for fish. 9W of AHS reflectored light now provides plenty of photons
and looks good. DIY CO2 for 25-30ppm at first tapering to ~10ppm when it's
time to refresh after a couple of weeks.

I'm now adding pottasium on even numbered days after learning that it gets
used pretty quickly. A add flourish weekly and I assume that feeding adds
phosphate sufficiently.

My question: is an inch per gallon of fish enough to provide nitrogen? My
ammonia, NO3 and NO4 are always zero with the test kits I have.

I assume that the nitrogen measures zero due to being sucked up by the
desireable plants or algae.