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Re: pH controllers

Paulio629 asked about Milwaukee units because "they can
> be had for a bout 
> 1/2 the price of the PinPoints. "

The Milwaukees seem to please their purchasers.  The
display limits the apparant accuracy to plus or minus 0.1
pH.  The Pinpoint's display an accuracy of 0.01

In other words, with a digital display you are nearly
always actually at one unit higher or lower than the lowest
digit on the display.  If you're compfortable with 0.1, go
for the Milwaukee.  While you'll be less certain aobut you
pH and CO2 levels, the difference won't have serious
effects on you plants or fish.

But if you want to save money, get a pH monitor instead
of a controller and skip the solenoid too or put the
solenoid on the light timer.  Either way, without a
controller, you will do as well or better than you would
with a controller to have a stable CO2 level, your pH
probably won't vary more than 0.2 between dawn and dusk,
and you will save lots of money.

Scott H.

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