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Re: Subject: Re: Breeding cardinal tetras

>best way to prevent habitat destruction is to give local >fisherman a
>sustainable source of income that DEPENDS on the >flooded forest remaining

My stance is not an environmental one but purely pragmatic.  This idea has been floating around lately, that somehow taking sustainable natural resources from these areas will prevent the destruction.  It is a great idea,  I hope it works but I'de be willing to bet that in a decade or so we won't getting any wild caught fish from SA.  CITIES will be expanded and "international"  protected lands will be created, the rest will have been destroyed.  Personally I think discovering a "fool proof" method to raise cardinal fry would benefit the hobby, and not lead to the decline of the rainforest.

The other issue is the shear inefficiency of taking wild fish, of the millions of cardinals stripped from the wild, less than 1 percent actually survive the shipping and the pet stores.  Now compare that to a fish that is frequently bred in the hobby.  Why take a 100,000 fish from the wild to get 1000 when you can breed 100 to get 1000 in your basement?  Politics?


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