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Re: A. natans ans cheap HID lamps

>>Thwe way I understood it was natans hybridizes with almost anything and
many Aponogetons in the trade are these hybrids. No idea how you'd reallt
tell though.<<

Well you can buy bulbs labeled as "natans" that grow nothing but floating
leaves. Florida Aquatic nurseries packaged these bulbs in poly packs that
can hang on a store hook. Thats what I put in my tank the other day which
sprouted after sitting in a box for 2 years. I have also purchased ulvaceus
bulbs that had some "natans" floating leaves as well as the ulvaceus leaves.
And I have purchased ulvaceus with true ulvacues growth.... But Sri Lanka
has stopped all exporting of Aponogeton bulbs...so eventually the common
crispus and others will be hard to come by.

Robert Paul Hudson