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Book Review - A Great Lakes Wetland Flora

I know its an unlikely time of year to be thinking of exploring bogs and
ponds for aquatic plants, but if you're like me and hate winter, this at
least gives you something to look forward to...

A Great Lakes Wetland Flora has just been released by Pocketflora Press. It
is the 2nd edition of a wonderful field guide by Steve W. Chadde.

"The intended user of this Flora is the botanist, ecologist, natural
resource manager, consultant, or other scientist engaged in wetland studies.
However, this book was also written for the person simply interested in
plants, or in the ecology, conservation, or aesthetic beauty provided by
wetlands." (I guess that I'm in that 2nd category)

It covers over 900 plant species in 113 families - found in and around the
Great Lakes basin. Everything is fully keyed (using terminology that a
"normal person" can understand, and there is a glossary at the back to cover
those terms you might be unfamiliar with. 648 pages in a paperback format
that is easily slipped into a backpack for on-site use, the book is very
nicely illustrated with clear drawings.

This one looks like a winner and I can't wait to take it out next spring.
The plant descriptions are readable and well written, without resorting to
cryptic words and phrases. Habitat and distribution information is given for
each species and the drawings highlight differences between the different
species much better than photographs could.

ISBN0-9651385-5-0 - $30.95

James Purchase