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Re: Myth Or Truth

> Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:15:38 -0800 (PST)
> From: Anthony Law <sulfur at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Myth or Truth: Can feeding CO2 into canister intake damage the unit?
> Hi all,
> Some website articles said this may not be a good
> idea, as the carbonic acid formed by the dissolved CO2
> may damage the motor, melt plastic components, or
> create microsopic dents on the impeller, etc etc.
> 1) Does anyone actually have 1st hand experience that
> can confirm this, or is this one of those myths
> created by the paranoid few?

Well. i have no scientific proof here, but logic would tend to lead to the
great category of myth and ledgend.  Your carbonic acid effect you mention
should be present in any situation where you're using co2 supplementation.
Carbonic acid is the result of co2 mixed with water.  Therefore it stands
to reason that so long as your co2 levels are elevated it shouldnt make
much of a difference where the dissolve is occuring.  Eithor way, your
filter is still curculating co2 enriched water (ala carbonic acid) all the
time, so i cant see how it being injected into the filter directly would
have a worse effect.

  From personal observation i've been using my HOT magnums as reactors
 on my two big planted tanks for close to 6 months now
and have not noticed any kind of degradation or pitting, ect to this
point.  I'll keep my eyes open for ya though, and should you be willing to
remind me in 6 months ill be happy to give your a further report.  ;)

Additionally FWIW i use my filters on my planted tanks strictly for
mechanical filteration, water movement and as my co2 reactor.  They
get full filter media replacement once a week (poly fill) , and full
teardown/cleanings every two weeks so i'm in there, tinkering with all the
little parts & peices fairly regularily.


-Berne Kairunas

Moderator of the plant related forum @ Http://www.fishgeeks.com