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Re: K2HPO4 (or KH2PO4)

I can use some help.

Neil Frank wrote:

>I ordered some KH2PO4 (monopotassium phosphate - one K, two H's), and have
>recently started to add it ( together with K, N) to some of my tanks.

Where did you order from.

>BTW, when I add K and N with the P, here is my formula for 100 gallons:
>1/4 tsp of calcium nitrate (1.5gms)
>1/4 tsp potassium nitrate (1.4gms)
>1 test kit measure of monopotassium phosphate (.03g)

What is a test kit measure?
What do you test for?
And what should be the test range?
Or is it all just visible signs of nutrient deficiency? 

Thank you