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How pink is my Ammania gracilis

I posted a while back about all the red plants in my tank (Ludwigia sp, 
probably perennis, Ammania gracilis, Eusteralis stellata) turning green. 
(But the Alternanthera reineckii stayed a nice deep red-purple). About a 
week ago I did a 75% water change, after which I added NO phosphate. The 
Ammania pinked up right away, and the ludwigia is gettign redder, but the 
Eusteralis is still green - and looking quite stunted and sickly. In 
addition, the annoying green dust algae came back way faster, and overall 
plant growth has slowed.

Next water change I will add a little phosphate (as dry KH2PO4) and see if I 
can get better plant growth and still have pink plants.

Unfortunately my CO2 cylinder chose this week to run out, so it is possible, 
I suppose, that it is the lack of CO2 which caused the color change. I guess 
I'll have to repeat the experiment.


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