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Re: Pumps...

I was using the quietone pump, but swapped it for an Iwaki because I needed
more flow. The Iwaki Md-70RLT is extremely quiet minus the cooling fan. My
suggestion to you is find out if the motor for the pump your interested in
uses a cooling fan or not. Luckily my wet'dry and pump are in the laundry
room otherwise I would definetly hear the fan. By the way Lifegard is coming
out with a new line of the "QuietOne pumps" at the beginning of the new
year. They are supposed to have all different outputs, but just as Quite. If
I would have known this, I would have waited.

Jeff Vamos
jbvamos at rcn_com

Anyone out there own, or has owned, a Rainbow Lifegard Little Giant Q
series pump (model 3MDQX-SC), and would like to testify to the level of
noise it outputs?

I'm currently about to implement a large wet/dry sump setup and are
looking into these pumps as an option - however the amount of noise
produced is a major consideration in my decision. I realize the Quiet
One pump could be an alternative option but the flow rate is too small
for the system I'm installing, and it will be uneconomical to purchase
two of the Q-One pumps if this one will do the job and be relatively
quiet (just, not 'silent' :)).

Thanks in advance,

Adam Shaw