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Re: Betta splendans

>Has anyone kept Betta Splendens 
>(Siamese Fighting Fish) in a planted tank.

I've been keeping them in my planted tanks for years.  They love having
lots of room, and become quite the busy bodies swimming about and
inspecting everything.  I feel so sorry for the ones I see at the pet
shop, stuck in a dixie cup.  Awful.  I always have at least one "rescue"
around here---LOL.  After you see them in a large tank with plants and
lots of room, you'll never be able to stomach seeing them in a tiny tank
again.  As everyone else already stated, you can only have one male to a
tank, tho.  Having said that, my dad did have 2 males in a 20 gal. long
that got along OK.  Each picked a side and stuck to it.  But I think
that's pretty unusual.