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Aquatic potting soil

Last night I went to Lowe's to purchase some aquatic potting soil for a
random water plant we pulled from an Ocala swamp.  My in-laws live on the
shores of a huge lake/swamp area and can airboat into areas where we find
some of the best looking watershed land that you can imagine.  My point,
however, is that we failed to bring back any soil so I purchased some of
this aquatic potting soil to give the plant some protection from the cold
front moving into Tallahassee.  The 'soil' was in fact 1.5-2mm brown rocks
that, en-mass, had a decent amount of weight to them, however their size
made it so that they could be moved around easily without floating.  A 10 lb
bag was about $8 US compared to about $15 for the same volume of 'rocks' or
flourite that I've seen in the LFS.  After the new year, I'm going to try
setting up a 20 gal plant tank that will act as a quarantine tank for any
new purchases, plant or animal.  I'll make an effort to check out the
'ingredients' on the bag this evening, but does it sound valid to use this
as the sole source of substrate for a planted tank?  
Sean Flanagan

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