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RE: Betta Splendens

Like the other people who responded I think your Betta will do great in a 10 gal. planted tank.  If all you want in the tank is just a Betta, great, but if you are doing it because you think a betta must be by itself you're wrong.

I've got 1 Betta, 3 glow line tetras, 3 cherry barbs, 2 otos and 5 Barbus jae (no common name, tiny african barbs) in a 10 gal.  The Betta swims around like he's king of the tank.  He ignores everyone else and they ignore him.  It may sound crowded in there but its not, everyone is happy and healthy (probably in part to all the plants I packed in there).  Its all in what fish you choose to put with him.  Gourami's are bad, as are many fish larger than a betta or fin nippers.  Smaller, peaceful fish with a betta and you've got a great community tank!