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Re: CO2 Setup advice -- How to get Gas

Folks have been talking about:

> >TANK:
> > mailorder from harbor freight
> >
> > this tank is 5lb (i think) and i specific for co2
> > price $69.99
> Buy a 10 lb tank if you've got space for it.  Cut your
> trips for refills in
> half.  M^3 sells a 10# tank for $89.

There are no latin names for CO2 tanks so it can be hard to
avoid confusion.  Sometimes tanks are referred to by their
Tare weight and sometimes by the net weight of hte CO2 that
will will contain when filled according to DOT limitations
(about 800-900 psi at room temp).

The Harborfreight tank is aobut 12 pounds tare, and holds 5
poiunds of CO2, net weight.

HF also, usually, sells tank twice that size that holds 10
pounds of CO2, net weight, and has a tare weight of about
20 pounds.  HF charges $139 for that that larger tank.  The
HF tanks are usuually Coyne brand, seamless steel tanks,
tested at over 3000 psi and stamped per DOT regulations.

RE the M3 tanks, I believe they are aluminum -- lower tare
for a given net weight.  Are the weights that M3 states for
te three tanks it sells, (5 pound and 10 pounds) tare or
net?  Are they tested and stamped per DOT (I presume so).

BTW, Is M3 taking orders again after being acquired (or
whatever) by another party?  

Scott H.

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