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Flourish nitrogen and Phosphorus

Hi Robert,

Yes, I am using them.  Sorry, I can't explain how they work, but they do.  I
don't use the phosphorus much, my levels are typically high enough but when
I have used it, the product worked.  I use the nitrogen at least twice a
week and it works nicely.  Previously, I used Green Light Stump remover.
After going through several bottles, I have discovered no negatives other
than it doesn't last as long as the stump remover and no one in Buford
carries Seachem.

The nitrogen does appear to be more concentrated than what I could achieve
with the stump remover and water (don't really understand this) so if I ever
manage to set up my doser, it will require a smaller container.

After killing the leaves of several plants by dumping dry chemicals on them,
this is just 2 fewer chemicals to potentially do that.  Granted, that is due
to laziness on not dissolving first...

All in all, I have been pleased and will continue to use the products.

The only major negative is I don't get the screaming "Oh my gosh, what are
you doing, are you crazy?" when I dosed the stump remover in front of
friends/family (just to watch their reaction when they saw the label)!  That
was always fun! :)