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Re: palustris vs inflata

"Hottonia inflata is native to North America and is a
rare inhabitant in
cedar and cypress swamps. It is a floating aquatic."

I think it starts out submerged though.  

"Hottonia palustris is from Europe and is sold by
Tropica (#27 on their
list). Its a rooted aquatic, very pretty but
apparently difficult to grow."

It's done really well for me as long as I've had it. 
It is quite light hungry though.  Stems that don't get
enough light can stay small or even turn white. 
That's not really a problem though, as it grows a ton
of side shoots.  It tends to grow out more than up, so
it makes a good mid-ground plant.  It looks very nice!
 IMO, it's one of the nicest plants out there.  I was
worried that it wouldn't be able to handle the
temperatures in my tank (usually 76-79), but it has. 
I started with one stem and have grown hundreds.  I
just sent it away to two people and traded more to a
friend of mine for some more arcuata.  When it gets
going it really gets going!  

There are what appear to be two different Hottonias
out there that seem to be labled interchangeably. 
It's confusing.  This one says palustris but I'm not
sure it is.  Looks pointier.



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