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Re:Cotylodons and another question

> Common ferns
> Water Sprite (Ceratopteris)
> Glossostigma

Glossostigma is in Scrophulariceae, a quite "advanced" dicot. Scroph's are

> Isoetes (sort of, not truly a fern but the differences are highly
> technical and not worth getting concerned over)

Isoetes is in Lycophtya.
> Mosses and Liverworts are another group of plants that don't fit into
> the groups you asked about.  Like ferns they reproduce by spores, but
> they have no vascular tissue (a major reason they stay small).

Some do have simple vascular tissue, but most as a rule do not.

>> "Plant is a noncotyledonous" ?

>> No cotyledons. Everything but Monocots of Dicots.
> Not exactly true.
> An old term for gymnosperms is "polycots" meaning many
> cotyledons. 

You are correct that group does have them(many). A better statement:
"...everything but _seed plants_". Not sure why I did not say that and
forgot about one of my favorite groups:-)

And in the context of aquatic plants, since there is only one gymnosperm
that is commonly aquatic, not that critical.

If you want a question: what is the difference between Chara and Riccia? Why
is one an "alga" and the other a "plant". Chara looks like a whorled stem
plant with internodal development, Riccia look more like algae than this
algae does.

This will be fun:)

Tom Barr

> Kyle