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Seachem Excel and Low Lighting

I have a 90 galion tank with a 175 MH pendant light.  Plant growth was 
generally very slow until I started daily dosing with Seachem's Excel and 
weekly dosing of Potassium.  For micronutrients, I use 30 day plant tabs 
plus Iron.  I use more Excel than is normally recommended by Seachem since I 
have found an effective way to increase the dose in a safe manner.  The 
effect on plant growth has been dramatic.  Not only are plants growing 
faster than ever, but many species are actually growing new runners.  In 
summary, this is a 2 watt/gal. tank that has historically mediorce growth 
until Excel and Potassium were added.

I may have been able to get the same growth or even better with a 
traditional CO2 injection system but for me, it's just easier to add the 
Excel.  However, the trick with excel is to first dilute it with water 
before adding to the tank.  If it's added directly, it can kill some fish on 
contact.  However, once I started diluting it. I have never lost a single 
fish.  And best of all, the plants in the tank are growing like mad.


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