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Re: Pump for python

Diane Brown asked:

> I've seen neat things for IV tubing setups (wrong size
> tubing, so can't use
> directly with fish equipment, sigh) that have a bulb in
> the middle of the
> tubing:  you squeeze the rubber bulb, and release,  and I
> think it has
> directional valves so that fluid only comes in one way
> and goes out the
> other side--very quick and easy to increase the rate of
> fluid flow.
> I'd love to have something like that adapted for a
> python--squeeze a few
> times and you're off!  Has anyone every seen anything
> like this for 1/2
> inch or thereabouts tubing?
> My current python setup includes an extender to reach a
> distant tank from
> the tap and with the extender, I have to run the tap very
> wide open to get
> good flow, otherwise flow is so slow I sometimes revert
> to a bucket.
> Diane Brown
> hating to waste all that water even in damp St. Louis

I'm nbot sure what you are describing but it sounds like a
one way suction starter.  Eheim makes one that you can get
from ThatPetPlace and/or BigAl's.  Vortex also makes one


For roughly the same price you can get a cheap power head
and do what Wright suggested.  I have been doing this for a
long time and not only does it save the water *not* used to
drive the venturi pump at the faucet, it saves the water
I'd otherwise use to water outdoors.

If you're not fussy, some of the cheap plastic pumps sold
in auto supply stores can be made to work.  These were
intended to start a siphon to get gasoline out of a car,
but if they are new, can work for an aquarium, too.  Not
especially elegant, though.

Hope that gives you a few choices,
Scott H.

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