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Ethanol or Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble...

Distillation??.....Stills??..... hey, I want to germinate some seeds, not
make Moonshine ;-). But thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind.
When I was a kid, a guy in the neigbourhood got caught by the RCMP making
Moonshine (only he called it Newfoundland Screech). The cops broke up the
still and left the mash to soak into the guy's lawn. The whole neighbourhood
reeked to high heaven for a few weeks. I don't think that my landlord would
appreciate me brewing my own on my balcony...

The folks from Whatcom Seed Company (the source for the seeds) have advised
me that the ethanol soak is to soften the seedcoat in order to hasten
germination. They have also told me that denatured ethanol ought to do the
trick as well as beverage grade Ethyl Alcohol. I can obtain denatured
ethanol without having to jump through legal loops. I have found several
websites which contain references to the use of alcohol as an aid in
breaking seed dowmancy.

James Purchase