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Re: Jack Attacks - sniping

Some bloke withholding his or her name threw a first stone
at James Purchase.  {What's known in email circles as
"sniping" -- not to be confused with bidding techniques). 
I'm sure it just bounces off someone like Mr. Purchase. 
But E-Gads!  I have to wonder, what's the beef?  Mr.
Purchase can speak with a certain sting; there's feeling in
his words.  I have felt it myself on at least one occassion
-- I probably earned it, too.  But so what?

I don't know him personally, but from reading his posts on
APD, he seems to be extraordinarily consistent expressing
his ideas -- that consistency doesn't fit with hypocrisy. 
It is an essential feature of hypocrites to be

Check the archives and you can see that this list would be
less without his contributions -- less valuable, less
interesting, less informative.  I wish the quality of my
posts where generally as well thought out as his.

In any event, I would hope that any philipic would at least
be as skillfully or artfully written as the work of the
person being attacked.  As Mark Twain used to say, if you
can't think before you speak, at least practice the

Scott H.

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