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Re: UV Sterilizer/UV Bulbs

Steven Maier offered some comments on growing plants under
UV, saying, in part:

> The sun has been growing plants for a lot longer than we
> have. Last time I
> checked there was more UV getting through the ozone layer
> every day. The
> plants are still growing outside. How do these natural
> plants compensate for
> the intense nutrient depletion that must be provided by
> the sun? It appears
> that where there is a will there is a way. . .
> you need to
> compensate for lost FE. Other than that regular trace
> additions is more than
> sufficient to grow plants under UV. 

Considering the difference in results, I would presume that
the concentrated exposure of UV when using a UV
germidcidal/sterilizer lamp, such as Aquanetics, Emperor
Aquatics, etc. is greater than the sun provides, and much
greater than a bulb used for illuminating a tank.

The potential benefits of these lamps is more or less
clear, at least in particular applications, although
sometimes overstated -- e.g., it won't *necessarily* cure
ich -- some ich can pass from fish to gravel to fish
without necessarily passing through the UV lamp.  For
something that remains afloat like GW algae, the odds are
greater that it will pass through the lamp.  But assuming
the benefits, do they outweigh the adverse affects?  Does
it entail nothing more than dosing every couple of days
instead of, say, once a week?

Scott H.

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