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AGA Convention


Chuck and Scott both provided good descriptions of the
convention, so I only have three things to say.

First, the convention was remarkably well organized and run.
 My hat is off to Charlene, Valerie, Karen, Luis and the
others who worked long and hard hours to keep the rest of us
from suffering even one dull moment.  Thanks a lot.

Second, the talks on Saturday were all very well done; well
conceived, well organized and well presented.  It was a full
day of informative and interesting talks that I'm sure you
could not find anyplace else.

Finally, my most memorable impression.  All day during the
talks on Saturday and later at the banquet I was accompanied
by a woman who sat quietly on my right.  I didn't recognize
her name or know who she was.  At the banquet I got up to
accompany Erik and Chuck at the podium during the
presentation of the aquascaping contest results.  When I sat
down she leaned over and quietly told me "I own the tank
that placed first in the extra large category.  It's in my


Can you imagine having that in your kitchen (or for that
matter, having a kitchen with that much room to spare)?

She didn't 'scape the tank or do the major maintenance --
those are done by the Aquarium Design Group -- but she owns
it. Having it around and doing the regular feeding and care
on the tank got her into the convention.  I guess there's
more than one route into the hobby.

Roger Miller