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Im currently selling the following items:

48 Inch Dual Flouresent Light Fixture from All Glass w/1 48 Inch Aqua Ray Bulb 1/ 48 Inch Flora Glo Bulb w/ 4 New Aqua Ray Bulbs Asking 100.00 or Best Offer

(2) 24 Inch Dual Flouresent Light Fixtures from All Glass w/2 24 Inch Aqua Ray Bulbs w/ 2 New Aqua Ray Bulbs Per Fixture Asking 45.00 or Best Offer /Per Fixture

Sea Reef Wet / Dry Filter w/ Overflow Box and Bio Balls Includes All Tubing Doesnt Include Pump. Asking 125.00 or Best Offer

Email: Michael.Pizzi2 at Verizon_net
AIM: Shvnrynsprivate

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