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Re: nutrients

> Im trying to figure out what nutritions I should give my planted tank.
> I went trough the arcives for a while and I found a lot of bits and pieces,
> now Im trying to put them all together.
> NO3 Nitrates - I only found "NITRATES removers" but I red you can get it by
> adding KNO3, adding K in the procces.

Plants are the nitrate(NO3) removers.
Adding KNO3 works well.
> PO4 Phosphates - I thought available at a lot of places

There might be enough in your tap water.
> K2SO4 Potassium - From a gardening store

Good stuff.
> Lots of micros - I hear tropica master grow is good.

Yes, it's very good. Flourish is also good as is Sera.
> Off coure I understand you should only add them when they are 0 or almost 0
> and a little bit at a time... balance.
> Well did I miss anything ?
> Will

You got most of it. Just get the CO2 in a good range and keep it there.
Adjust it to the pH/KH/CO2 table and use only CO2 gas to adjust the pH down.
That's often a toughy for new folks.

Read over the table/doses.
Less light is generally better than more.

Tom Barr