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Something in the air???

Recently, a well respected and very active list member was subject to a
rather snotty jibe from another subscriber. If I may, I'd like to point out
to the originator of the remark that biting the hand that feeds you is not
the best way of making headway, either in life or on this list. Tom Barr
probably puts more effort and thought into his responses on this list than
any ten people. You don't necessarily always have to agree with him, but it
isn't necessary to make a personal slam against him to register your
disagreement with any of his advice. He has always seemed more than willing
to look at all sides of an issue and to consider all alternative points of
view. He has knocked down a number of "standard assumptions" and challenged
several "accepted practices", based upon his own, obviouly extensive,
experience. In so doing, he has helped advance this segment of the hobby and
our understanding of just what is going on in our tanks. I know that I have
certainly learned a lot from Tom's posts to the APD.

Let's look at Mr. Grumpy's contributions.......

Jack, you first posted to the APD on 2 July, 2002, with a question regarding
the best way to inject CO2 into a planted tank. You followed that up the
next day 3 July, 2002 with a question about using copper tubing for CO2
delivery and another about the effect of injecting CO2 into the intake of a
cannister filter. On 4 July, 2002, you asked a series of basic questions
regarding the setup of a high tech plant tank and the cycling of a
biological filter. On 7 July, 2002, your question was regarding the effect
on nitrifying bacteria of injecting CO2 into a cannister filter, and on 10
July, 2002, you asked about bottled bacteria. On 18 July, 2002 you asked the
list for input on the purchase of a R/O filter. On 21 July, 2002 you wanted
to know when to start CO2 injection and fertilizer in a new tank and you had
a question about what to feed Apistos.

Now, there is nothing at all wrong or bad about any of this - you had told
us that you were setting up a new high tech 75 gallon tank with all the
bells and whistles and from the nature of your questions I'd venture to
guess that you don't have much experience. Asking questions is always a good
way to learn and it appears from my review of the archives that a number of
people jumped in to offer you help and advice.

Then, on 26 July, 2002 you chastized the list in general for the then
current topic of conversation and followed that up the following day, 27
July, 2002 with a personal attack on Scott H.

On 23 Aug. 2002 you needed more help - this time with the placement of a pH
probe. On 27 Sept 2002 and on 30 Sept 2002 you asked a couple of questions
regarding the daily pH swing you were observing in your tank.

The content of list messages got under your skin again on 6 Oct 2002, when
you asked that the technical topic d'jour ought to be changed.

On 7 Oct 2002 you wanted in on a proposed real time chat system. On 5 Nov
2002 you had a question regarding fertilizer selection. Most recently, on 6
Nov 2002, you aimed your sights at Tom Barr and made a rather hurtful
comment which was totally uncalled for.

So, fella, what's your problem?

People here have gone out of their way to offer you help and advice and
nobody has written anything negative about you personally, yet you have felt
it necessary to chastise the list in general twice as well as making hurtful
and downright nasty comments directly to two long time (and active) list

If you disagree with the science behind anything posted here, by all means
jump in and state your views. But please, for your own sake, wait until you
have at least learned the basics of setting up and maintaining an aquarium
before you go making enemies. There are ways of stating disagreement and/or
disbelief that don't have to lead to conflict.

This list is not, as some seem to feel an old boy's club and there isn't any
"smugness" that I can detect. We are all here to learn from one another and
this is probably the single most valuable resource available anywhere on the
topic of planted aquariums. If its not to your liking, either in format,
content or membership, you can always just sign off......

Jack, you might owe Tom Barr (as well as Scott H.) an apology...

James Purchase