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Re: SAE's and happy tickles

this is a bit out of the way but its a cute and curious fact - if anyone knows
more about it please fill in the gaps:

at some point i saw on the discovery channel or the like that the population
in turkey has a very high occurrence of some skin disease or other which
causes cracking and blistering sores all over the body. as it happens, there
are naturally ocurring warm water mineral springs (over 100F) in turkey.  the
springs are inhabited by a small fish that is specifically adapted to the hot
water. as it turns out, the fish is also specifically adapted to clean the
sores of the afflicted bathers who frequent the springs, removing dead skin
and spreading mucus that soothes and prevents infection. thes springs and the
fish supposedly afford an incredible degree of comfort and relief to the
people. makes one wonder about how long that genetic population would have to
linger in that area for such behavior to evolve. probably not too long given
the predisposition of aquarium fish to nibble :).