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Re: surface algae

Giancarlo Podio
Tom, what other types of algae would you suggest treating this way? Also
would a 3 day blackout effect the plants in any negative way? I don't have
film algae but some hair algae and a couple others I haven't identified yet.
I have to upload a couple of closeups I took of the algae last night, it
looks like beard but could be something other.


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> Sorry about going on, and on..... I hope that someone can help me!!
> Thanks,
> Sherri

Try turning the lights off for 3 days and do a black out. Do a water change
prior, like 50%. Turn off CO2 increase surface agitation etc. Cover the tank
up completely.
That should kill it.

Now afterwards and adding enough nutrients is up to you.
Adding some NO3 and K would be of use/help. Easy to do also.
Tom Barr