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Free Anubias to a good home

Hey all,

I'm culling the tank after many months of hearty neglect.  I've grown a lot 
of Anubias barteri without even trying.  They're nice plants, too nice to 
throw out, so I'll send them to you.  Small or medium size, with 5 or more 
leaves per plant, about a half dozen plants in all.  My tank has trumpet 
snails, just so you know.  

I have to ask that you pay postage (no personal checks), and I must receive 
postage $ before sending the plants (got burned before).  

I'll take names for 48 hours, then have a drawing to pick the winner.  US 
addresses only, please.  Now that it's getting cold, I think USPS Express 
mail is the way to send them.  If you want USPS Priority mail, that's fine, 
but I can't be responsible if the plants are frozen somewhere in transit.  
Plants will be shipped in a ziploc bag, surrounded by wet newspaper/paper