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Re: Sources for chemicals -- Dropping One's Aitches in Public

James Purchase pointed out that:

> . . .make sure that you confirm exactly WHAT you are
> buying. Many fertilizer
> chemicals are sold in various forms and quite often the
> generic name that
> the store uses doesn't match the true chemical name (and
> thus the chemical
> formula). . .

Which reminded me of a question:  Can a chemist out there
explain the difference between NaH2CO3 and NaHCO3, both of
which are given as the 'chemical formula' for 'Sodium
Bicarbonate?'  I mean besides one formula name having
dropped an "H".

Whichever is correct, you can't get this more cheaply and
easily than buying baking soda.

BTW, I too have found Litemanu.com to be a reliable source
of chems that work on plants (Mono-Potassium Phosphate
$4.20/lb, Potassium Nitrate-$2.35/lb, and Potassium
Sulfate-$5/lb).  The minimal shipping costs can easily
exceed the materials cost, and a pound lasts a long time.

Go to liteman.com, select "Buy Now", select "Nutrients",
select "Chemicals", then page down to your choice(s) of

Scott H.

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