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Purchasing at Graingers (was Re: Lightened prices)

Scott H said:
> For what it might be worth to anyone,
> Graingers is selling some ballasts at slightly reduced
> prices.  E.g., the 4x32 electronic for T8s is going for
> about $15

A comment about Graingers: while their prices are great,
they only sell to businesses, not to individuals.

Thanks to a helpful sales person at Grainger (great
customer support too), I was able to get around it.
Turns out my company has an account with them.
If I wanted to make "personal" purchases, all I had
to do at the time of ordering was give them the name
of my company and say I was going to pay cash or
with a personal credit card. Worked great. (Of course,
I did ask my company's purchasing department for
permission to do this, and they said "no problem.")
In Baltimore, we're lucky to have a good Graingers
store in the city, but I imagine the same strategy could
be used for online purchases.

Meanwhile, the GE Chroma 50 lights I bought from
them have a rather annoying yellow tint. But if I say
over and over and over, to myself, "I love it, and it's
cheap" perhaps I will be brainwashed into loving it.

- shireen,
   on a tight budget and gazing in wonder
   at her beautiful yellow office tank

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net