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off-topic fish news

A great story I just have to share:

In the Oct 26 issue of Science News magazine, there's
an article about the whipnose anglerfish that was
caught on video in the Jason ROV at the bottom of the
sea at the Hawaii-2 Observatory.

It's a big scientific discovery because they now know
that this fish swims -- get this -- upside-down! If
you have a chance, check out that article in the library.

There's a picture of the fish at
(scroll to the bottom). There are movie clips too, but
I could not view it because I don't have access to
Windows Media Player.

Oh, and the article's final paragraph features a vivid
example of what billions of years of evolution can produce
at the bottom of the sea:
  To mate in their otherwise desperately lonely habitat,
  the 10-centimeter-long males seek out and bind to the
  females using their jaws. The deep-sea couple's tissues
  and bloodstreams sometimes fuse permanently, the male
  feeding off the female. Some pairs eventually spilt up,
  but others are stuck in this parasitic marriage for life.

Oh, isn't nature just wonderful! (?)    ;-)


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net