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Pinpoint problems

A while ago, I got a Pinpoint PH monitor for my
birthday.  It will not work with the lights on.  I've
kind of given up on that.  But, there's more!  How
long should it take to get a reading?  If I switch off
the lights and turn on the monitor, it SLOWLY takes a
reading.  It will start out at maybe 5.5 or so and
initially rises quickly.  Then the upward change slows
way down.  It will go
6.50-6.51-6.50-6.51-6.52-6.51-6.52-6.53 and so forth. 
This takes around 5 minutes.  Maybe the readings I
have taken are low.  Maybe it just takes 8 hours to
get the final reading.  

  It was this way when I first used it a month ago
(and calibrated).  It has been sitting in the tank
with the unit turned off most of this time.  If it
isn't in constant use, do you still have to calibrate
every month?  

Thanks, Cavan

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