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RE: Pinpoint problems

Replying to Cavan;

>6.50-6.51-6.50-6.51-6.52-6.51-6.52-6.53 and so forth. 
>This takes around 5 minutes.  Maybe the readings I
>have taken are low.  Maybe it just takes 8 hours to
>get the final reading.  

What you are seeing is quite normal. If you are only getting a
fluctuation between 6.50 and 6.53 why worry? Unless you're doing
scientific research or something similar, 0.03 fluctuations are pretty
much nothing as far as growth and conditions of the tank go. Most
aquarists try to keep pH within +- 0.1-0.2'ish of what they want....
0.03? I'd say it's almost spot on if that was my reading :) Too many
things in the water contribute to fluctuations - particularly if you're
using compressed CO2 with no celenoid.

Also the pH of the water in your tank will not *actually* be exactly the
same everywhere. Living organisms, processes, biological break-downs and
new growth will all contribute to altering local pH values (by a minute
amount only usually, say 0.01-0.05). If there is some flow moving across
your probe then the local differing pH values from different parts of
your tank will be circulating. Eddy'ing, flow and other aspects of the
fluid flows will also affect your pH meter giving one solid value.

Basically, I'm just saying don't worry about it. When it's finished
changing by large amounts quickly, that is your reading. Minor
fluctuations of 0.01pH really are normal....

Adam Shaw