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Moss confusion

I recently received some Christmas tree moss from Loh K L. It's not like
the moss that I have that I had thought was Christmas tree, and looks
more like the moss that I think is fontinalis. So I took a bit of the 4
mosses and photographed them on a white piece of paper. Maybe some of
you may be able to help me identify them. They are here.
http://naturalaquariums.com/plants/moss.html The first is what I think
is fontinalis. It's a very dark green, grows very thick and has nice
rounded fronds, and is my favorite of the 3 mosses I've been growing,
and tends to not grow upwards as much. The second is what I thought was
the Christmas tree. It's thinner than the fontinalis, a much lighter
color than the other 2 and has triangle shaped fronds, which is why I
believed it was Christmas tree. The third is plain old Java moss. The
moss on the bottom is the Christmas tree moss that Lok K L sent.