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Re: So, what do people think about Kasselmann?

James, after a few days with the book I agree with everything you say.
I recall someone said that the translation was a bit stiff, but it reads
quite well to me.

John Godbey
Springfield, VA

James Purchase wrote:

> P.S. - Not that you've asked for my opinion, but if you're subscribed
> this list and you like planted aquariums, you really owe it to
yourself to
> get this book. Not only should it put an end to most plant ID queries,
> the amount of detailed cultural information, on EVERY plant, is
amazing and
> ought to help everyone be more successful aquatic gardeners. Don't be
> off by a high sticker price - Krieger has put out a volume that is
very well
> produced, nicely printed and bound. This book won't fall apart after
> read it a few times, and if you have a copy, you WILL read it more
than a
> few times.