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ARBER, AGNES: Water Plants.A study of Aquatic Angiosperms.1920. (Reprint 2003).

For those who might be interested..... I just received the latest listing of
books, both old and new, from Koeltz Scientific Books in Germany. I have
bought a number of books from them and have always found them a pleasure to
deal with. They accept credit cards and ship worldwide. First up on their
newest listing is a reprint of a very old book on aquatic plants which some
of us might be interested in. The author, Agnes Arber, has been described as

Book ID: (001073)
ARBER, AGNES:  Water Plants.A study of Aquatic Angiosperms.1920. Reprint
171 figs. 464 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - With a new introduction to the reprint
by W.T.Stearn.
PRICE: 85.00 EURO/US $94.44

Reprint in preparation  for early 2003. Orders will be recorded.-
Water Plants as a Biological Group, with a Consideration of Certain Typical
Life-Histories (Water Plants as a Biological Group, The Life History of the
Alismaceae, The Life History of the Nymphaeacea and of Limnamthemum, etc.)/
The Vegetative and Reproductive Organs of Water Plants, Considered Generally
(Leaf Types and Heterophylly in Aquatics, Anatomy and Submerged Leaves,
The Physiological Conditions of Plant Life in Water/
The Study of Water Plants from the Phylogenetic and Evolutionary

I found a very nice biographical sketch of the author, Agnes Arber, at
http://hometown.aol.com/cefield/hauke/arber.html. This book is mentioned
(the original, not the re-print). Considering her interest in illustration,
this book ought to be nice to look at.

For those of you who have saved so much money by buying cheap lights, maybe
this would be the perfect place to spend all that money you have saved.....

Just a thought.....;-)

James Purchase