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Chat Room Location

Hi Everybody

I am a staff member of Fishnet on Compuserve.  We can offer a chat room for
use by this group.

""We would gladly offer them a chat room here. We actually had one
previously for our Aquatic Plant section (called the Greenhouse). I've
reopened it if they'd like to check it out. We can change the name to APD or
some other name if they'd like.
Chats can be scheduled any time they like. If they can provide a moderator
that would be great (perhaps Rhonda would do it).
Just  point your browser to
Java capable browser required.  Chats are open to everyone. CompuServe
membership not required, although we do hope you'll join Fishnet (it's
free!). You can even use your current Instant Messenger id to do so!
If folks don't want to register, you can access the chats at
http://forums.compuserve.com/gvforums/default.asp?SRV=Fishnet Once you
arrive at the website, click on Chat (a chat applet will load and may take a
minute depending on your computer and access speed). A room list will appear
 Select the Greenhouse Chat Room from the list and click Enter.
   Carvi ""

I can also moderate some if you like since I have the special powers over

Also you can upload photos during chats, which is a really nice feature.

Any Interest?

Terry Barber

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