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High NO3 in Tap

kristiananderson at att_net said:

"Has anyone else had problems with high nitrates in their city water

I reply:
Kristen - I have a very similar problem. I live in an agricultural area and
water out of our well is well over the top reading on my LaMotte kit (which
tops out at over 40ppm). I think my tap is close to 80ppm. Good to shower
in, great for watering the yard, but I drink mine bottled. I was having
ACRES of BGA in my 55G and couldn't figure out where NO3 (I only get BGA
when I have significant NO3) was coming from until I tested my tap.

My solution is to use an RO. I use an old recipe from my discus breeding
days for reconstituting it:
1 tbls Calcium Sulphate (Plaster of Paris),
1 tbls Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts),
1 tsp of Calcium Chloride (Driveway de-icer)
"pinch" of Borate (Borax)
1 tsp of Sodium Bicarb (Baking Soda).

Once a month I'll add more of one or another of the "Macros" to keep
60% Mg
30% Ca
Total hardness ~<100ppm
KH ~ 3-4 dH

My experience, and how I deal with it...

- Jeff