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Re: Loaches, shrimps etc

> I've used various loaches in the past to control snails but I'm wondering if
> loaches will pose any danger to Amano shrimp and Bumblebee shrimp. The
> little critters are too cute to see on anyone's dinner menu. Can I safely
> introduce a few loaches to control snails without worry that they will want
> shrimp cocktail after the escargot?
> James Purchase
> Toronto

Best bet is to add Zebra loach, Botia striata... small ones. Add shrimps
first for a month of two till they get fattened up some.
Then add fish.
That would do the best.
I've had then together but never did a shrimp count etc. I'm sure if things
got real hungry, anything is possible.

FWIW, I've had Amano shrimps eat small cardinals when i release them from a

Tom Barr