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Re: Remove aquarium rim --If you can't wear nothin, wear little?

I don't know how Oceanic made them in the past, but the
recent "topless" tanks I've see of theirs has a glass top
"glued" on.  It has very large openings so that the glass
"rim" is only a few inches.  but it provides a lateral
rigidity and, most of all, provides a center brace.

The appearance is very much like a "topless" tank and
undoubtedly safer.  The problem is cutting those large
openings -- best down by pros.  However, you might get some
of the strength by using straight pieces.  Cut slats from
glass.  Make the slats for the front and back equal to the
length of the tank and a couple or few inches wide.  Cut
slats for the side to fit between the front and back slats.
 Having this glass in the horizontal plane will add some
lateral strength.  Not as much as if it were one piece, but
more than adding nothing.  

Just spitballing,
Scott H.

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