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If you set it up right the CO2 would bubble back up into the living tank.
Not much would go into the water basically nothing.  Perhaps the filter
might vapor lock, you'd have to 'burp' it when you got home.  Your fish
would not die, nothing would happen.

I have a solenoid that shuts off the CO2 when the lights or power are off,
they cost about $50.  Lots of people run CO2 24-hours a day. As I have too.
Nothing much happens if you add a small amount of CO2 with the lights off.
You may be able to add more with the solenoid, because you don't have to
worry about the effect of CO2 in the dark cycle.

Nothing should happen.


Penny Wrote:
Hypothetical question:
Say I have a DIY C02 hooked into my Eheim. Say the
power goes off while I'm away at work. Say the power
stays off for many hours. <SNIP>