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AH Supply Kits and 48" Hood/Bulb Choices???

Since my 4X65 watt fixture needs all new bulbs and I'm very 
displeased with the poor quality of the brand, I'm thinking of 
dumping it altogether in favor of the AHSupply.com kits. I can build 
the hood myself, so that's not a problem, but I'm having trouble 
deciding which of the AH options to put together for this tank.

It's a standard 48"x18" 75 gallon. I already have one of the 96 watt 
kits that I want to use. I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has 
put something similiar together for a tank this size. I'm thinking of 
building the hood so that the front contains lights and lifts up and 
over the back of the hood on hinges. Building it that way might be 
the only way to get enough light over the tank using the kits.  I'm 
shooting for about 3 wpg.

Duh. Help! Any feedback, links or photos would be appreciated.


JoAnn - Who's pretty happy that Tom Barr swims so well :)